First Day of Classes September 8

Registration Open to All

Early Registration Ends July 31

Open House August 18@6 PM (A-M) & 7 PM (N-Z)

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Welcome to Lil' Scholars Academy!

     We are gearing up for the new school year. We have two new teachers this year. This is going to allow us to be more flexable with the classes we offer. Check back soon we will have meet the teachers where you will be able to learn more about them.

     We have been getting lots of questions from parents wanting to understand more about why preschool is so important. There are a couple of studies that early childhood education. The first is a 30 year study that looks at early education in general (Download or View here) and the second study looks at whether the quality of the progam matter (Download or View here) (hint: quality really matters!)

     We have also had parents ask how they can save on tuition. We have implemented a program that we will credit a months tuition to any student who refers another student and they register for school. We have a flier to help. (Download here) Printed copies are available if you contact Sara at the school.

     We have an open house scheduled for August 21st. Come learn more about how you can help your child be at the top of their class.

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